About Good Bubble

Hello, I’m Amy the Founder of Good Bubble, and here’s a bit about our story so far…


I was born into a family of bubbles. My parents have a factory in Manchester and have been making soaps of all sorts for 30 years now. From bubble bath to shampoo, and body wash to beard wash, they know their suds.

I worked for a marketing agency in London on some personal care projects, and found there to be a real concern about the safety of product ingredients, especially in children’s products. In fact 89% of parents in the UK were shown to be concerned about the safety of ingredients in children’s toiletries*. To add to this, there seemed to be a real lack of good bath products for toddlers and older children that were natural and kind, but also fun, and gave them the higher level of stimulation they thrive on.

I researched some more, and thought I could probably do something about this. I wanted to spark children’s imaginations and bring the fun back to bath time in a safe and natural way.

So I marched back up to Manchester (well I got on a train, fell asleep and was awoken by a kind stranger at Piccadilly) and called on my toiletries troops to create the best range of bath and hair products for kids that have ever braced our bath tubs.

It was a real team effort. My mum helped source the materials and develop the formulation, my cousin helped trial and test the formulations, my dad and my partner built the machine to fill the products, my sister took the product photography, even my company name Ella Banks Ltd – is a nod to my great grandma! It was during this development stage that we got the brainwave for a superfruit range, which featured extraordinary fruits from unusual places and after trialling some superfruit samples with our focus group families, we knew we had made something special.

So here we are today, with the UK and Ireland’s first range of superfruit toiletries for children. All products are at least 98% natural. They are completely free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, PEG, phthalates and artificial colour. They’re made with an allergen-free fragrance for scrummy yet safe smells. Not to mention the formulations are tear-free and have been dermatologically tested. We’re also registered with the Vegan Society.

Made lovingly in the UK, by my family for your family.

Have a bubbly good bath time!


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*’Babies and Children’s Personal Care Products, March 2012 – Mintel’