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There are currently two variants in the Good Bubble range: Dragon Fruit and Cloudberry.

Dragon Fruit

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the Dragon Fruit was created thousands of years ago by a fire-breathing dragon! Be it Chinese legend or just Chinese whispers, either way Dragon Fruit is jam-packed with moisturising properties and loads of good antioxidant-thingys.  These help nourish young hair and skin to keep them in tip-top shape and protect against those pesky free radicals, which occur all around us.

Did you know…

The Dragon Fruit plant has beautiful flowers that only bloom at night, and is also known by other names such as Belle of the Night and Cinderella Plant!


Cloudberry is a creeping bramble grown across Scandinavia, Siberia and Alaska. Also known as the Northern Orange and Arctic Raspberry, the berries are bursting with vitamins A, C and E, which help soothe and moisturise young skin and nourish young hair. As well as loads of antioxidants, which help safeguard hair and skin from harmful outside elements.

Did you know…

Cloudberry was once used by the Inuit people and Nordic sailors as protection against scurvy because of its high vitamin C content. Ooh arr me hearty!

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So what does 98% natural actually mean?

It means that each of our products contain at least 98% naturally derived ingredients. The other 2% is made up of things like our preservative blend, which makes sure the products don’t start misbehaving after opening, and our allergen-free fragrances for safe and scrummy smells. However, some of our products are actually more than 99% natural because they don’t need as much to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Visit our Good Bubble Glossary to find out more about the ingredients we use and the sources they come from.

Our Palm Oil Pledge

You might notice that a handful of our ingredients are made using palm oil. This is done by a very trusted supplier who is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil and actively works to promote methods of sustainable palm oil production. It’s a serious issue and we refuse to work with anyone involved in forest conversion (destroying forest to build plantations) because we need the rainforest to stick around for our little ones, and their little ones, and their little ones…

Vegan Thumbs Up

You might be pleased to hear that we also have the stamp of approval from the folks at The Vegan Society. So you can be sure, that all our products are completely free from animal derivatives. Hurrah for that! Read our Vegan Society case study here: